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Ways to Finance a Business


  The way that you go about financing your business may vary depending upon a number of factors: The stage of evolution your business is at;  Your past trading history; The purpose you need the funding for;  How much you are planning to borrow and how that is measured against your overall financial worth and that of your business; etc. Let’s have a look at each of those in due course. The stage your business is at Companies that are still in the early stages of setup or with a very limited trading history may have special challenges in terms of finding business launch funds. Typically lenders may wish to see that you are investing a relatively meaningful amount of your own finances into your enterprise (e.g. through re-mortgaging) thereby effectively sharing the risk with them. Lenders in this category are often the new business section of the banks, some finance houses, business angels and very possibly some of the specialist venture capitalist companies. It is also not unusual to see new businesses drawing upon family finances from relatives, where such a thing exists. Your past trading history Businesses that have two or more years of trading and accounts behind ...

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