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Renting vs Buying: The Financial Benefits of Each

renting vs buying

For years I was firmly planted on the side of thinking that buying was always better than renting. However after nearly four years as a homeowner, I’ve begun to question this line of thinking, especially now that I have the freedom to live anywhere I choose because I’m self employed and my business is entirely based online. However, there are financial benefits to both renting and buying that must be taken into consideration before you, or I, decide if renting or buying is best. Here are some financial benefits of both renting and buying a home. Length of Time The length of time you plan to live in a home or apartment should play into this decision. If you are only planning to live in the same home for a few years, it would probably be better for you to rent rather than buy a home. The financial cost of moving as well as closing costs, realtor fees, etc. need to be spread out over several years to make it worth purchasing a home. Compare the Payments When you compare the monthly rent payment you currently make to the mortgage payment you would be making on a home, don’t forgot there’s ...

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4 Ways to Know When to Buy or Sell a Property

4 Ways to know when to buy or sell a property

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional renovator or a young couple about to purchase their first home, buying or selling a property is a big deal. Aside from the financial investment, generally people are emotionally attached to their properties. Whether you are in the market for a new house or feeling ready to sell off an investment property, it is all about timing. So how do you know when the time is right? Read on for some ideas on how to spot the opportune moment! 1. The market is favorable If you are already planning on buying or selling and there are no urgent factors affecting your decision, be sure to do your research. While this may seem obvious, a favorable market can be more difficult to take advantage of than you expect. There are many factors to consider: do you have to sell your existing property and look to purchase at the same time; is location a key contributor to market forces; and are you buying and/or selling in suburbs that take advantage of these forces? Do you understand the current market in depth and how it will affect your position? Of course, a reliable real estate ...

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Be Informed: What You Need To Know When Buying A House

buy a house

Buying a house is for most people, a massive financial decision and that means that you have to get every aspect of the purchase right, as mistakes can turn out to be very expensive. In this homeowners guide to buying a house, there are tips and advice to help you make an informed selection of choices and avoid some of the pitfalls, so that you can enjoy your new home and be confident that you have managed to secure a good deal on your property in more ways than one. Knowing when to buy This is a question that creates a great deal of anxiety among potential home buyers. Your timing can be crucial and will so much press coverage about house prices either rising or falling, depending on what you read, it can be hard to decide when the time is right to enter the market. House prices will fluctuate according to sentiment and reaction to the economic outlook in general but it is actually much better to concentrate on the affordability aspect of buying, rather than reacting to news stories and trying to buy simply because you think you might be missing out. Very few so-called financial gurus ...

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