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How To Haggle For A Used Car

haggling for a used car

Hopefully this will be my last post about used cars for a while. Like it or not, most of us have to drive, which means the occasional need to shop for a car. Since one of our lines in the sand is to never again buy a brand new car or have a car payment, it made the hunt a bit more challenging, but I think the end result turned out well. Let me say that I hate haggling. It’s more fun to pick up dog poo, but sometimes you have to step up to the plate if it means saving thousands of dollars. These are some tricks I used to haggle for a used car. Know What Kind Of Car You Want There are so many makes and models of cars available that it almost boggles the mind. Saying you want a car just doesn’t cut it. Thankfully the internet has all kinds of reviews and specifications so people can check out vehicles that fit their needs for reliability and affordability. In our case, we narrowed the choices to a Honda Civic or Accord. We also wanted a 2010 or newer model. I preferred the Accord since it’s the ...

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Misadventures in Shopping For a Used Car

buying a used car with a rebuilt or salvage title

I used to love shopping for new cars. We did it fairly often back in day. It was really easy to see a car we wanted, walk into a dealer, trade whatever car we had at the moment, sign up for payments, and drive away. I don’t believe we ever tried to negotiate, at least not that I remember. Yes, it was a bit unnerving to deal with salespeople, but I knew we’d get approved and leave with a shiny new car eventually. This time around, we are shopping for a used car, and I’m  having all kinds of anxiety! New Cars Are a Rip Off After actually shopping around, it’s amazing to me that a new 2015 car costs $5000-$10,000 more than the same used model with less than 30,000 miles. We are mainly looking for Toyota or Honda used cars, so under 50K miles is practically like new. There are tons of barely used vehicles out there that sell for way less than new cars. One example we saw is a 2011 Honda Civic LX with only 23,000 miles. It is a one owner car that was traded for a new SUV. What do you want a bet ...

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5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Second Hand Car

tips for purchasing a second hand car

Buying a used car is a great way to save money, but you could end up in financial strife if you don’t follow a few simple steps. Way before you step foot inside a car dealership or visit a private seller, there is plenty of research to be done to make sure you get a good car at a fair price. Here are five tried-and-tested tips for buying a second hand car:  1) Set a budget One of the most important factors in car sales is the price. It’s always best to set your budget before you begin and avoid being tempted by a flashier model with a heftier price tag. Be sure to consider not just how much you can afford to spend on the vehicle itself, but also on registration, maintenance and car insurance. Once you have set your budget, the real trick is sticking to it. Think about the minimum and maximum you’re willing to spend, and try to find a happy medium between the two. This may help you avoid overspending when it comes to crunch time.  2) Do your research Knowledge is power, so make sure to research the car models you are interested in to get ...

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