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How Many Years Of Retirement Will That Cost?

Spending can cost years of retirement

Obviously I have retirement on the brain lately. Turning 40 will do that to a person! Even though we probably have at least a decade before pulling the trigger, I’m already thinking about where we’d like to live and what sort of life we’d like to have when 9-5 doesn’t matter anymore. One rule that I’ve also tried to practice since we started down the correct financial path is to look at today’s purchases and think about how they will impact the future. A good exercise I would recommend for everyone is to ask how many years of retirement will that cost? Thinking Long Term Especially with recent events in my family, I want to enjoy every day and live in the here and now. That doesn’t mean I’m not always thinking about the future. A huge reason people stay in debt or can’t save money is that they live too much in the present. While it might be fun to finance that huge flat TV to watch football this winter, what is that worth in retirement years? If you don’t want to work until you drop, it’s time to start thinking long term. How Many Years Common Purchases Cost ...

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Top Five Ways To Make Sure You Never Retire Early

    Although I used to work like a fiend at my day job, I switched to part time hours a little over a year ago. This past week, I found myself working five of seven days in the office. By Wednesday, I was already begging for Friday, and I felt like I was just phoning it home those last couple of days. I can’t wait until the day when I can pick and choose when I work because we have no debt and living expenses are low. Heck, I might even retire completely and open up a taco stand. I haven’t always had such ambitious dreams. I used to be the authority on money moronism because I have made every mistake on the list. Here are five sure fire ways to make sure you will never retire early.  Don’t Max Out Your Retirement Plan When I got my first real job, it was after working as a resident for $25,000 a year. I felt pretty posh on my $25K because I had minimal expenses. If I had continued to live on $25K per year or even if I’d increased my living expenses but maxed out my retirement plan, I ...

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