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Ways to Save Money on Skiing

save money on skiing

If you hate the snow, you can go ahead and skip over this post. I like it less and less as I get older, but my philosophy is that if you are going to live in it, you might as well take advantage of the activities winter offers. I am not a great skier, but we like to make some turns a few times each season.  The absolute best way to save money on skiing is to not go. No matter how much you cut corners, it’s still expensive. This year, we used bonus income from side hustles to fund our ski outings, but we still tried to save as much as we could. Luckily there are plenty of ways to save money on skiing. Plan Ahead If you can plan ahead before the season starts, it is much cheaper to buy lift tickets or passes in advance. Unless you live in a resort town, you probably don’t need a season pass, but there are usually other deals to be had. Telluride and Durango Mountain Resort both offer discount cards that are purchased before the season. With those your get your first ski day free, and then  a discount, usually ...

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