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A Wake Up Call and My Plan for Early Retirement

This whole  week has been devoted to the topic of early retirement do’s and don’ts. If you are sick of hearing about my take on leaving the world of working to pay bills, please go read one of these other awesome, inspiring posts this week. Tonya at Budget and the Beach has inspired me to train for a half marathon. It will happen a few days after my 40th birthday. What a way to celebrate! Alexa from Single Mom’s Income has quit her job to work from home,  and I think she’s going to make a ton more money. Laurie, the frugal farmer is getting even more frugal. Travis at Enemy of Debt has decided to man up. Did you know he and his wife will have paid off over $100K in credit card debt by this spring? Pretty amazing! Why I Am So Obsessed If you do want to hear more about early retirement, today I’m going to wrap up that topic by sharing my plan. Whenever I share with the world, that makes it real and seems to accelerate the process. Another reason I’ve been thinking about early retirement happened on my way home from Fincon. I flew ...

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