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The Most Frugal Birthday Party Ever

letting kids plan the birthday party

It’s the end of March. That means spring is here, days are longer, and yes, we have to plan for another birthday party! Every year I complain about the craziness that goes into kid birthday parties then I feel guilty for not wanting to celebrate each one to the fullest extent. After all, it won’t be long until our kiddo doesn’t want anything to do with us, we should splurge on hired ponies and ice sculptures, right? Nope, this year will be our most frugal birthday party ever. Not Having A Party Is The Cheapest Option Last year I was able to talk our daughter into not having a party in lieu of a trip to Sea World. We had a barbeque with one friend and ate an ice cream cake I won for being the 7th caller in a radio contest. Unfortunately, I haven’t won any contests this year, and I was told that we have to have a party this year. We needed a good plan. Since we are about to head off on a trip to San Francisco, it had to be cheap cost effective so we can do and see all the things we hope to ...

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Valentine’s Day Gifts That Keep On Giving

Valentine's gifts that make money

As I was driving home one day this week, Rick Dees was talking about Valentine’s Day statistics on the radio. Of course, the one that caught my attention was that the average person spends $142 on their Valentine. While a Benjamin and a half might not seem like a ton of money for that special someone, it’s not chump change. Multiply that by two for a couple, and we’re approaching $300. I don’t know about you, but if my family is going to be out almost $300 for Valentine’s Day, we don’t want flowers that die, candy that makes us fat, or dinner that will eventually end up in our septic tank. If I’m spending money on February 14th, it will be for a Valentine’s Day Gift that keeps on giving!  A Gift That Saves Money Ironically, we got our annual renewal bill for our safe deposit box this week. Happy Valentine’s Day, and we’re deducting $75 from your checking account! I’m not sure why we need a locked box at the bank. We don’t have any valuables in there. It’s mostly insurance and real estate papers along with passports and a couple of car titles. Sadly, it’s one of ...

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41 Things To Do Before Turning 41

bucket list items

I had a serious post ready to go today, but since it’s my birthday, I decided to do something a little more fun. I honestly have a hard time saying that I’m 41 years old today. It sounds so old, but I feel awesome and I’m more excited about the future than ever. That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to revisit the past. I came up with 41 things I think people should do before age 41. See the Grand Canyon Have a snowball fight Max out an IRA Go to Europe or the US if you already live in Europe Compete in an organized run or triathlon Foster a dog or cat Watch the sun set over the Rocky Mountains Order a meal in a foreign language Give a sandwich to a homeless person Eat cake for dinner Pay off credit card balances forever Make homemade soup Binge watch a whole series on Netflix Go down an alpine slide See tropical fish in their natural habitat Go ice skating Earn more per year in interest and dividends than contributions Ride your bike to work Anonymously buy someone’s lunch Read a book to a child that you loved when you ...

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Time Saving Gifts For Busy People

  What I would really like for Christmas this year is more time. I thought working part time would cure me of feeling rushed. I do get to do more of what I want, but I still feel like I can never get everything done. Since we all only have a finite amount of time, the best thing to do is make the most of what you have. While I’m not a fan of gifts for the most part, anything that saves time without costing an arm and leg is welcome in my house. Here are some time saving gifts for busy people. Slow Cookers I think we got a crock pot as a wedding gift years ago and it made me feel really old. Aren’t those supposed to be for Grannies? What I’ve learned over the years is that  are like the working Mom’s Cliff’s Notes. You can throw almost any vegetable, meat, bean, or noodle in the crock pot and come home hours later to the smell of a nutritious home cooked meal without really having to cook. It’s hard to go wrong, but for reference just do a search for easy slow cooker recipes with(insert ingredient of ...

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Are Any Black Friday Deals Worth Fighting the Crowd?

gift cards on sale at target

I have a big goal this year of not getting sucked into any Black Friday deals. I hate crowds, rampant consumerism, and marketing ploys that make people think they are saving money by spending more. That being said, Black Friday does offer some pretty sweet deals. In my rule book, if purchases are necessary or add value, are something you needed to buy right away,and are at the best price, it’s probably time to pull the trigger when a good deal comes along. Right now, I’m on the fence about going to any stores on Black Friday, but in the name of saving money, here are some deals that could make it worth fighting the crowd on Black Friday. Target Gift Cards Target is offering maybe the most attractive Black Friday deal of all, 10% off up to $300 in gift cards in stores AND at Target.com on Friday the 28th between 6AM and Noon. You can use the gift cards starting on Saturday the 29th, and they don’t have an expiration date. I love deals like this because it’s a flat 10% off. I can easily see Jim and myself each getting $300 worth for $60 off things we ...

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