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Great Gifts For Grandma on Mother’s Day

Gifts for Grandma on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is only a few days away, and I hope everyone knows what to get for Mom. I am not a fan of most gift giving holidays, but I do appreciate that my family tries to remember me on Mother’s Day. You have to respect the lady who gave birth and raised you. Sometimes it’s harder to think of what Grandma might like on Mother’s Day. My grandmas have both been gone now for several years, but I do see a ton of very active grannies every week in my practice. I don’t claim to know everything the modern grandma enjoys in this day and age – modern grandmas may even appreciate Mother’s Day eCards! – but I can tell you a few secrets you might not have thought of when shopping for Grandma this Mother’s Day. Amazon Kindles You would not believe how many grandmas have adopted e-readers. They are not only easy to use, but for older people whose eyesight is not as good as it used to be, they are a Godsend. Because you can adjust the font, a Kindle replaces the need for those old, heavy, large print books. In my experience, older and less ...

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Do We Have to Have a Birthday Party?

simple birthday party

  I have a confession that I’m sure it’s hard for any parent to admit. I hate kids’ birthday parties. I don’t like hosting or attending them. One-Parents go nuts for their kid’s birthday, often spending way more than they have or should for one day that will likely not be remembered down the road.  Two– Feeding small children large amounts of sugar almost never turns out well.  Three– People feel they have to buy some sort of cheap gift so the birthday boy or girl can have a huge stack of presents that likely will get played with once or twice then get lost in the shuffle. Plus, the hosting family has to dole out take home gifts that really will break or get lost almost immediately.  Four– Most parties we attend these days have a pinata. Whoever decided that blindfolding the child hopped up on sugar and giving them a bat to swing was a good idea needs to be shot. Who Likes Birthday Parties? I can only remember having two birthday parties when I was a kid. My birthday is in January, and my Mom always said we coudn’t really plan anything because the weather might be ...

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Valentine’s Day Gifts From a Six Year Old’s Point of View

six year old's valentine's ideas

I really wasn’t going to write anything about Valentine’s Day this year. It isn’t a holiday I enjoy. People spending stupid amounts of money on overpriced items to tell someone that you love them one day a year isn’t my idea of a party. However, I know many people like Valentine’s Day or at least feel guilted by society to buy a gift for someone. I think my six year old has gotten the idea of the heavy sell*. Maybe her advice will keep you from spending too much today. Valentine’s Day From a Six Year Old’s Perspective For example, we were at the grocery store LAST WEEK. It was already a sea of pink and red, everything from balloons to flowers to candy. Why you’d buy Valentine’s flowers a week early is beyond me, but there they were. My daughter: “Boy, Mommy. They sure have a lot of Valentimes  (her pronunciation) stuff here already. Why do they put this much stuff out here?”  Me: “Well, the store wants us to see all this stuff and think we need to buy it for someone for Valentine’s Day. It’s kind of silly, isn’t it?” Daughter: “Well, why don’t we just go ...

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My 12 Days of Christmas

      I’d like to wish everyone out there a very Happy Holiday Season. I have an awesome guest post coming Monday, but I’ll be taking a break until January 6th! I hope everyone gets everything they want this year. If I could get anything I wanted from my true love for the 12 days of Christmas, this would be the list: Kim’s 12 Days of Christmas 1)Laptop batteries that never die of Christmas 2)The energy of a six year old 3)To know what happened to all the socks the dryer has hidden over the years 4)Cookies that taste awesome while fulfilling two servings of vegetables and without calories 5)An extra hour in the day 6)Smoke detectors that only start beeping for new batteries during daylight hours 7)No checks in the express lane 8)Naturally curly hair 9)A law making valet parking illegal 10)A visit from Ed McMahon (if he’s still alive) 11)A rule that says you are not a redneck if you keep your Christmas lights up until spring 12)100 more seasons of Breaking Bad Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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5 Things Worth Waiting to Buy After the Holidays

This post is from regular contributor, Kyle James. If you missed his recent post about the Amazon drones, you have to read it. Guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Every time I sit down to watch the local news there is a story about last-minute gift ideas, or tips on buying gifts for your pets, or even worse, a story about what to say to your boss when he/she gives you a gift you don’t like. Are there actually people who don’t know how to act in such a situation? Apparently. But anyways, my point is that news outlets only want to talk about finishing off your Christmas shopping when in reality they are totally missing the boat on a chance to talk about real money saving opportunities. In case you weren’t aware, perhaps the single best time to save money shopping is right after Christmas extending all the way through the middle of January. To maximize your savings, here are five items to consider this year. 1. Furniture for the Home Historically, big furniture manufacturers release new product lines in early February. Because of this, many furniture stores will try really hard to clear out old inventory come ...

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