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How to Conduct a Successful Video Conference

Even people who work alone most of the time have to meet with other people on occasion. We meet in groups to accomplish things we can’t do on our own.  But what if people who need to meet work in different buildings, or even in different cities? Traveling to a meeting can be expensive. Even when people work in the same building, face-to-face meetings can be inconvenient. Perhaps it is difficult to schedule the conference room, or perhaps people need to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, or presentations. With cloud computing it is possible for people to meet while sitting at their own desks and using their own computers or other devices. They can both speak with each other and share their screens. It used to be that doing so required expensive equipment and in-house IT expertise. Now you can hire companies like Blue Jeans to set up a video conference. They will provide all the necessary technical know-how and equipment. Online meetings are less expensive using the cloud than using traditional videoconferencing. Your company will still need to own microphones, speakers, high definition video cameras, and monitors. Your service provider owns and operates everything else.  If the participants work in ...

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How To Choose a Career in IT

various careers in IT

It’s no secret that the IT industry is currently experiencing an unprecedented boom. The sheer availability of jobs ensures that whole sector is currently a seller’s market. That is, the people who stand to gain the most from it are the ones who are currently on the lookout for gainful employment. Which is why it definitely helps to gain some perspective on the industry in order to grasp the similarities and differences between positions that might otherwise look quite similar at first glance. Dynamic Web Training have recently compiled data which reflect the salaries of 2015-16 IT industry roles on which this article is based. With that in mind, here are some of the top IT jobs as of right now: 1. IT Manager Being an IT Manager requires one to possess the obligatory technical know-how of the department you’re running, but it also entails handling administrative duties as well. IT Managers often form a bridge between the upper management and the development team and are crucial to the success of any given project. This is reflected in the job’s pay, with entry level IT Managers making around A$50,000 and senior project management specialists earning A$162,000 or more. 2. IT ...

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The Pros of Pay-As-You-Go Auto Insurance

pay as you go insurance

Do you drive less than 10,000 miles a year? If so, that puts you in with the majority of American drivers; about two thirds of them. According to the United States Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, the national average is between 10,000-12,000 miles a year. Standard auto insurance is based on the national average. Essentially, this means that most drivers subsidize auto insurance for the smaller number of drivers who drive more. New auto technology allows insurance companies to base rates on the way drivers actually use their cars. New kind of policy goes by a number of names, including user-based insurance and pay-as-you-go insurance. Let’s learn more about the pros of pay-as-you-go auto insurance below. How it Works Many auto insurance companies, both large and small, offer pay-as-you-go-insurance. You have a choice of policies available to you in every state, each with a plan based on demographics and geographical location. When you buy a pay-as-you-go insurance, the insurance company installs a device on your car that keeps track of your mileage. Depending on which state you live in, the device may also track your speed, brakeage, and mileage. Your driving habits greatly influence the price of your ...

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Why Forex Trading is so Appealing

forex trading

Forex trading, or the buying and selling of currencies against one another, is sometimes viewed merely as an alternative investment that can be used to diversify a portfolio. Some see it as risky, some see it as tedious, and some even view it as something of a gimmick when compared to ordinary investing methods. The fact remains, however, that the daily volume in forex markets is usually over $5 trillion in circulation. So what makes forex so appealing to so many around the world? More Trading Volume For starters, that same massive volume is appealing to a lot of traders, which makes it something of a self-fulfilling cycle: more traders means more volume, which attracts more traders, and so on. In a high liquidity market, there are more transactions on a daily basis. And with that higher rater of turnover, there’s simply more data available to traders attempting to gauge the directions of their own investments. This isn’t to say the forex market is inherently easier to read and predict than an ordinary stock market, but some certainly like the broad picture painted by massive liquidity. Narrow Focus Despite that liquidity, another aspect of the forex market that’s appealing to ...

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How Compound Interest Can Work for Traders

investing tips

If you have been trading stocks, forex or other financial instruments for some time and you are not yet using the power of compound interest, you are losing a lot. Compound interest is interest earned on accumulated capital and previously earned interest put together. Compound interest was described by Einstein as the 8th wonder of the world. Compound interest is what has enabled some people to turn small amounts of money into thousands and even millions of dollars. Believe it or not, compound interest has also made banks and credit card companies rich, even as it makes those on the wrong side of the coin broke and in debt. Compound interest is therefore a double edged sword, but you can put it to work for your money today. There are many retail traders who are complaining of losing money trading. A careful review of their trading activity will show that they do not understand the power of compound interest, and so they use maximum risk in a bid to achieve maximum returns. With compound interest, you can use minimum risk and attain maximum returns. The difference between the start and end points is time, consistency and discipline. So how can ...

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