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The Difference between Savings and Investments

A number of times you hear financial advisors, planners and mutual funds selling words like ‘investments’ and ‘savings’ door to door. However, did you know that investment and savings are two different concepts? Each month, many of you earn an income. This can either be in form of your income from business or your salary. Then, you also come across several expenditures such as telephone bills, clothing, food, rent, internet, electricity etc. Once you are done with making payments for all the expenses from your income, what if left with you is usually called savings. Apparently, the more you save, the better your future is. In addition, you should always intend to curtail your expenditure, but there are several expenditures that just cannot be avoided by you, such as paying off the instalment of loan or the rent.  If you intend of creating a wealth, then of course, saving only is not sufficient. You have to step ahead of savings and do something more with them. That is where the investments step in. The investments are financial tools that assist you increase your money over a course of time. You are required invest in order to fight the inflation every ...

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Paving Your Road to Retirement – 5 Easy Effective Tips to Retire Comfortably

Planning for retirement isn’t a task reserved for tomorrow. It’s a subject that should occupy your mind today. No matter what stage you are at in your career, it’s never too soon to begin preparing and saving for that age when you trade in the workplace for time spent checking items off your bucket list. Preparing for the future concerns every generation from Baby Boomers to Millennials. They all have similar goals in mind before retirement appears on the horizon. Still, it’s a personal finance journey. Strategies for building retirement savings can vary based on what stage you’re at in your life and career. The problem is that retirement planning can get lost in the shuffle. Other daily responsibilities can crowd it out. Life can throw a financial curve ball with accidents or illnesses. Major purchases like a new home or car can draw away money earmarked for retirement. Planning for that part of life doesn’t need to be a source of stress. You can take a few simple steps to pave a better road to retirement. Build savings in small steps It isn’t practical, or even possible in most cases, to try to accumulate all the funds you need for ...

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These Initial Home Investments Will Save You Money in the Future

Today we have a guest post for you from fellow blogger, Anum Yoon. Enjoy! There is a nationwide call to “go green,” and soaring energy costs are strongly encouraging us to do so. We already have ongoing bills to pay, but it might be wise to look around your home to see what changes you can make to help you go green. Sometimes you have to spend money to save money. Here are a few home improvements which require an initial investment, but which will pay off immediately or over time. Install a Smart Thermostat A typical thermostat lets you control your furnace or air conditioner with a dial or digital display. Some offer the ability to program them to increase or decrease the temperature at certain times of the day. Smart thermostats use technology to control the temperature of your home remotely, via computer, tablet or smart phone. You can program it to meet the needs of your typical schedule or access it for unexpected changes, such as coming home earlier or later than expected. Smart thermostats won’t necessarily save you money, especially if you tend to like your home hotter or cooler than others. However, it does give ...

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Starting to Invest? What You Need to Know

When you are young, retirement seems a long way off. When people tell you that you need to save for those years, it’s easy to ignore the advice. After all, you do not have much money to start with, and you need to be able to live today. Why think about tomorrow? The truth is that you are not going to be able to rely on social security to help you out in the future. For many years more has been paid out in social security to retirees than has been acquired through taxation. A back up of reserves had been built up to cope with the increased demand, but this is due to run out by 2033. The simple truth is that if you want to be able to survive in retirement, you need to start investing now. But, how do you do it? Starting with the safe option If you are one of those people to whom saving and investing has been an alien concept, you may want to start by at least saving some of your income in a savings account. Dealing with a bank can seem like a less scary option than negotiating the world of ...

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What’s Next for Amazon Stock After Its Acquisition of Whole Foods?

Amazon’s $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods Market Inc. is its biggest-ever deal, which could have a huge impact on both the distribution sector and U.S. stock indices. The offered price for Whole Foods ($42 per share) was 27% higher than the stock price recorded the day before the deal was announced. In 2016, 43% of online purchases in the United States were made via Amazon, but the company has long sought to bolster its dominance of the e-commerce sector with a physical presence in bricks-and-mortar premises. Although some industry experts were surprised by the USD 14 billion purchase of the upscale chain, citing Whole Foods’ thin margins and sluggish growth, others point to the potential long-term benefits of acquiring food logistics expertise and to Amazon’s need to head off the threat of upstarts like Blue Apron. Amazon is also expected to use the Whole Foods network as something of a laboratory, as Amazon CFO Brian Olsavsky explained: “We believe there won’t be one solution, so we’re experimenting with a number of different formats, from physical pick-up points and Amazon Go to online ordering and delivery to your door through Prime Now and Amazon Fresh. We’ll see how customers respond. ...

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