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Cheapest States To Raise Kids

cheapest places in the US to raise kids

Ask 50 people their opinion about the best places to raise kids and you might get 50 different answers. Some people would lop off their left arm before leaving one of the coasts for the Midwest. Most Southern people I know would not move west of the Mississippi if they were offered a million dollars. Looking from a purely financial viewpoint, lets look at some of the cheapest states to raise kids. New Mexico Ah, the Land of Enchantment! I used to live in New Mexico and we currently reside only 40 miles from the border, so I’ve had some first hand experience with this state. To be honest, there are some armpit worthy parts of New Mexico. The state has a high teen pregnancy rate, lots of poverty, and was ranked as one of the worst economies in the US last year. Why on earth would anyone choose to live in New Mexico? Despite those disappointing statistics, New Mexico is not all that bad, IF you look at certain areas of the state. Research, health care, aerospace, energy, and technology jobs are available. New Mexico offers very lucrative tax incentives for businesses. That’s why Virgin Galactic, Intel, and many ...

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Kryptonite To The Yahoo Trolls

Response to Yahoo trolls

I read an article earlier this week about a couple who paid off $92,000 in debt in less than three years. As with many articles like this, it was featured on Yahoo Finance, the all star team for trolls. Once I got into the post, I was amazed to find that the couple who paid off this massive debt were both teachers from Tennessee. They achieved their goals by cutting back as much as possible and earning extra income, a tried and true formula anyone can use to get out of debt, even teachers! I could not think of a negative thing to say about this couple. I thought that maybe even the Yahoo trolls might have mostly good things to say. Alas, I was wrong. As I was reading through the comments, some made me laugh, some were totally irrelevant, and to be fair, more than a few were positive. As a fun Friday exercise, I wanted to bring some Kryptonite to the Yahoo Trolls* today and blow all their whiney excuses out of the water. I’ve listed some real comments from the trolls for your enjoyment. Stop Looking For The Easy Way Out “But having two secure incomes ...

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Do You Need A WiFi Refrigerator?

wifi refrigerator

During my downtime last week, I had the chance to read the newspaper every morning. I generally hear about news online, but my parents subscribe to a daily paper, and I actually enjoy old fashioned newsprint when I have the opportunity. One thing I don’t enjoy are all the ads, but I did get a kick out of one flyer advertising new refrigerators with wifi capability! This brought on a whole new series of questions, mainly what does one do and who really needs a wifi refrigerator? What You Get With Your Internet Refrigerator Again, I had a little too much time last week, but I did find out that with a wifi fridge, you get a touch screen in the door. With it you have the capability of checking the weather, the news, looking for recipes, basically anything you can do online. You can leave notes to yourself or other family members, and most impressively, you can update your social media. I know my morning is not complete until I’ve Tweeted about having waffles or oatmeal for breakfast! While all of this is cool, is there really anyone out there who would stand in front of the fridge to ...

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The Dangerous Student to Doctor Transformation

financing an expensive luxury car

This post is from fellow optometrist and personal finance blogger, Syed at The Broke Professional. Thanks for helping me out while I navigate the no wifi land of rural Kentucky! When I was in school, nothing else mattered.  Life was all about doing well on the next test, and then doing well on the one after that.  This was true both during undergrad and optometry school, and it seemed like no end was in sight.  Though I knew it would end at some point, it was always “how do I get ready for the next test or practical?” Many of my classmates in optometry school felt the same way.  Professional school is similar to undergrad in that you want to get good grades and do the best you can, but it’s different because you and every other student in your class is there for one reason and one reason alone.  And you attend classes and take board exams with the same group of people for four years.  This can build a lot of camaraderie and produce a sort of “us against the world” mentality over time. A Whole New World But then after four years, it’s finally over.  We dealt ...

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How Rich Is Too Rich?

can people be too rich?

For the past couple of years, I’ve been blogging about things like ending debt, building wealth, and leaving the work force before being old and gray. To do all those things, you need money. I’m sure most of us think we could never have enough money and the richer we are, the more we would be able to do with our lives, including charity work and educating others. I think that’s true in some ways, but I also think you can have too much money. How rich is too rich? Rich People Expect Different Treatment As m any of you already know, I have worked in Telluride a few days a month for many years. It’s a resort town with a very diverse population. Most of the patients I see there are average working Joes trying to make enough money to live in a town where single family homes under $1 million are few and far between. We do have a handful of very rich patients, and from my experience, uber rich people expect to be treated differently. By uber rich, I don’t mean people who make under $1 million a year and have a net worth of a few ...

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