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Dangers of Instant Gratification

danger of instant gratification

We are spending the weekend in Moab, UT, so I’m turning the reigns over to our dog, Mo, today. Since she did an interview with Frugal Hound a while back, she’s kind of gotten a big head and has been wanting to share her canine wisdom about the dangers of instant gratification.  Hi Eyes on the Dollar readers, it’s Mo here, actually it’s Mahogany, but Mom can’t yell that fast enough, so I’m just Mo. Mom talks all the time about being smart with money and thinking through every purchase, but I’m here to tell you, that way of thinking works for more than just money. Since I have no living expenses, money really doesn’t mean that much to me, but there are other things people and pets need to consider. Life of  Country Dog Let me start by telling you a bit about where I live. It’s so fun to be a country dog. I have lots more freedom than city dogs because I have a big yard to run around in, and I even get to walk off the lease if we are out in the boonies. Sometimes I run across very sweet smelling stuff, and while I ...

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Five Excuses You Should Never Use Again

Don't let excuses keep you from goals

Excuses. We all use them, sometimes out of convenience, sometimes to make ourselves feel better. They are a necessary part of life, but when you use excuses to the extent that they become reality and lower your potential, it’s time to learn some new ways of thinking. Here are five excuses you should never use again. I Can’t Afford It I have used this excuse a million times in the past. I think it’s truth in many situations. If you make $25,000 a year and want a $500,000 house, you really can’t afford it, but when you use this excuse to stop yourself from saving or investing, that’s when it becomes a problem. I strongly believe everyone can come up with an extra $500 a month or more if they put their minds to it. The problem is that most people are unwilling to step outside their comfort zone and take advantage of all the opportunities that are available. I can’t afford it is also a very negative way to view the world. Denying yourself something by thinking you don’t have enough money is the wrong way to go about it. Remind yourself that you can afford it but choose not ...

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When Frugal Fails

When living a frugal life, mistakes don't derail your finances

While I’ll never win an award for the most frugal person on Earth, I do make a huge effort to control spending and make sure that our money is being used for things we value or that will build wealth for the future. It works pretty well UNLESS life gets crazy. This is how to cope when frugal fails. Life Is Crazy I won’t lament about how busy my life has been lately. I am no busier than most people reading this post. I know many of you work, side hustle, raise families, stay physically fit, and make time for your friends. It’s a delicate balance and when something tips the scales in the wrong direction, normal routines can go off the rails. My scale is currently tipped. Part of it is my fault with responsibilites I’ve chosen to take on as well as some new work opportunities that have come my way. Some of it is just the time of year. With school winding down, activities ramp up. Over the next few weeks we have several school and extracurricular programs happening in the evenings and on weekends. Plus, we are planning a birthday party and getting ready to go ...

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Life in Colorado After One Year of Legal Marijuana

legal marijuana sales in Colorado

    January marked year one since pot became legal for recreational sale in my home state. I though it might be interesting to see what changes, if any, have befallen our area. This is my eye witness report of life in Colorado after one year of legal marijuana. Marijuana Tax Bonanza! The tax figures are in regarding state money made from marijuana sales last year. Sales from legal recreational and medical marijuana amounted to $700 million last year. Recreational sales were below some estimates but still brought in $44 million in tax revenue. Medical marijuana sales and fees brought in an additional $35 million, bringing total pot tax revenue to $76 million. Marijuana made so much money that the state might have to give some back. Here in Colorado, we have what’s known as the TABOR amendment. It’s highly controversial, but basically says that any time tax revenue grows faster than the state population or inflation, it has be refunded to tax payers unless voters elect otherwise. You can bet there will be a special election coming up soon. The state doesn’t want their tax money to go up in smoke! In addition to sales tax, I’ve seen other business ...

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Fifty Shades of Gray In Family Finances

shades of gray in family dynamics

This might be one of the hardest posts I’ve ever written. I keep going back and forth on whether to share, but I do think there will be some value to some readers out there in similar situations. People can choose their careers, their friends, whether or not to have children, but we can’t choose our families. You get the good with the bad. There really are 50 shades of gray with family finances. Our Gray Family Area I’ve written before about how my in-laws went through a foreclosure and were forced to move to a house and an area they really don’t like because it’s all they can afford. They retired broke and live on social security. Surprisingly, they have done OK for the past four years since losing their house. I wouldn’t say it’s all butterflies and roses, but a life of forced frugality is not necessarily a bad thing. We suspected there would be more family drama at some point, and we’ve reached that point. It’s been like like the emergency broadcast system around here lately. Jim’s parents car broke down a couple of weeks ago. It’s almost 20 years old with over 275,000 miles, so no ...

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