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How To Be Rewarded For Your Hard Work

You did your best, worked long, hard hours, and lived frugally. And yet you still didn’t prosper because it’s hard to make a living from a minimum wage job. You then decided to redouble your effort, but that didn’t work out too well because you only made marginal improvements to your income. Next, you decided that you weren’t getting paid what you were worth because you were working for the wrong company. Unfortunately, after getting hired in another company, you found yourself in a similar situation. Finally, you decided that it was the industry, so you went back to school and juggled your class and work schedule for a few years. Unfortunately, after you graduated, you were overqualified for most jobs and the intense competition in your line of work made it almost impossible to find any good job openings. Well, if you’ve taken this route, or one similar to it, there is one option—work for yourself. Here are four ways of earning a handsome income if you love to work hard but have not yet found a company or an industry that will reward you for your initiative and persistence: Sell a proven line of products. If you don’t have a ...

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3 Questions to Find Out If Your Old Car Is Hurting Your Wallet

Could it be time to upgrade your heavily-used car? And how does one determine when it’s time to part ways? Most money-wise people are not prey to splurging on a new car when they get a raise in paycheck, or when they see the latest release from their favorite car maker. However, it can be hard to nail down an expiry date on a car that has served you well for many years. So in what situation would it be better to upgrade or explore other means of transportation? Here are 3 questions to ask yourself to help you determine if you should look for junk yards near you, or if your car is still good for another year of use: Question 1: Do I feel safe driving my car? Perhaps your car has passed your state’s annual car inspection. But the real measure of its safety is whether you still feel safe driving it. Or, an even better question to ask yourself is whether there are better safety options that you should be looking into. Today’s car models come with the latest array of safety features. These include advanced airbags and rearview cameras to help ensure a safer experience. If ...

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Pros and Cons of Store Loyalty Cards

store loyalty cards

How many store loyalty cards do you carry around in your wallet or purse at any given time? According to the 2016 Bond Loyalty Report, the average number per person is 13.4. But, only half of them are actively being used. Personally, I too carry a few different store loyalty cards in my wallet. Over the years, however, I have learned to use them in moderation in order to keep my budget in line and expenses down. Although it seems like store loyalty cards can be a good way to save money and earn special perks, they do have some cons too. Here are the pros and cons of using store loyalty cards. Pros: 1. Save Money Many people believe that store loyalty cards save them a lot of money. I think that can be true in some cases. For example, if a product you are going to buy anyway from a certain store will be cheaper if you start using their loyalty program, by all means sign up. In addition, if you have the room to store extra non-perishable items and can buy them at a significant discount through the use of a store loyalty card it might be ...

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How to Choose a Pre-paid Funeral Plan

With the many choices and funeral styles that are available, it will not be difficult to find something suitable that can be tailored to your budget and desires. It is important you do not just pick the first option that you get, shop around from all the relevant providers and make sure you get the best price. You will find that each funeral provider has very different packages to suit a range of budgets. Bear in mind that there is masses of information to digest, so it is wise to get as much written hard copy so you can mull over your options at leisure. Before taking out a funeral plan it would be sensible to involve your family. Obviously, it can be difficult for families to discuss initially, but most come to terms with the reality and will be thankful that you are thinking ahead for their benefit as well as your own. You likely will find that family can be a valuable resource for ideas as well. Do not be rushed into choosing a plan. Give yourself plenty of time to pick the right plan for you. You do not have to feel alone in making these important ...

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The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose a Sim-Only Deal

A more flexible monthly cost: When choosing a phone to go with your sim, the prices of contracts are vastly limited in terms of choice. Say for example, you travel nationally a lot and so need a deal with a lot of data, you may find this deal but it might be paired with a phone that bumps the monthly cost up too high, having a sim-only deal will remove this problem as you are free to use whatever smartphone you need. Much, Much lower monthly prices: The most obvious benefit to choosing a sim-only deal would be the much lower prices a month. It is easier to buy a smartphone upfront elsewhere and then take out a sim-only contract for a lower price. This gives you access to deals with a much higher Call, Text and Data allowance for a lower cost by eliminating the cost of the smartphone from the total cost of the deal. Generally shorter contracts available: Because you don’t have to pay off your smartphone as well as pay for your usage, sim-only deals are easier to find as 12 month contracts as well as the usual 24 month contracts. This is a huge benefit ...

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