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My Life as a Country Song

Well it’s been an interesting week around here. I was really in a complainy pants mood until I read a couple of posts and realized I’m acting like a toddler,¬†and my problems are all first world. Now that I know that my problems are not really problems at all, we can laugh at my obstacles from the past few days. Sunday: I’ve been having little, itchy bumps in odd places, like behind my ear. Am I getting adult acne? Nope, found out my dog has fleas. We don’t usually have to worry about fleas here because of the low humidity, but with all the rain, I guess they are out in full force. After a mad trip on Sunday night for flea shampoo, constant washing and vacuuming, and some flea medicine, I think we got them. I still can’t stand the thought that bugs were crawling on me in my sleep, but I survived. Monday: I love my new site, but one of the plugins keeps turning off and takes all the posts off my homepage. See, when my site was ugly, it was all my design. I researched every plugin and layout for hours. If something when wrong in ...

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20/20 Posts of the Week- Ecstatic about a $300 Car Repair

The last few months have not been great for our 2008 Altima. It broke down earlier this summer, and for the last month or so has been so loud that I feel like Jethro and Ellie May going down the road. You’ll have to excuse my ignorance in car jargon as you read the story. We assumed it was something with the muffler, so we too it to a muffler shop. The muffler guy said it was more of an internal exhaust leak, and he only worked on external things. We let it go for a few more weeks, but it was really getting loud, and Jim started to smell exhaust when the car was idling. Yesterday, I took the car in to a local mechanic shop, hoping for a easy fix. I did not get my wish. When I got the news, I had to call Jim and tell him we had a cracked cataclysmic corroborator, which he corrected to catalytic converter. (I like my word better) Anyway, to order a new CC plus labor to install it, the cost was around $1000. The mechanic seemed pained to tell me this, but not as pained as it felt to ...

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20/20 Posts of the Week-$350 on School Supplies?

There was an article on the front page of our local newspaper this week about the Good Samaritan Center, which is a food pantry that distributes to the needy.The article said that right after school starts, they have a huge increase in demand because people spent their money on school supplies and can’t buy food. There are about a million things wrong with this picture. I realize that most people want their children to show up on the first day of school with the recommended supplies, but I also heard another statistic on the radio this week that said the average amount spent on each child for back to school in the US is $350! I did buy all the recommended school supplies for my daughter and spent less than $20. We didn’t buy a new backpack or any clothes other than a couple of pairs of pants at Target and a few headbands. Adding that to the supplies, we are still under $100. Even if your kids need new clothes, there are a ton of thrift stores or yard sale options. If you did buy new, all they really need is a few t-shirts and a couple pairs of ...

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20/20 Posts of the Week-A Crash and a Recovery

We had a great camping trip last weekend. Our favorite campground is in a state park that is connected to the town of Ridgway, CO by a four mile paved bike trail. When our six year old was little, we used to pull her in the bike trailer, but this year she was able to ride the trail on her own. It did take us 40 minutes and a promise of ice cream to go four miles, but that’s not the point. What is even better is that the weekend before, she had a huge bike crash and cut her head pretty badly. Thank goodness for helmets or it could have been a disaster. I was really proud that she got back on the bike and made it to town. I bet next year we will be keeping up with her, and we are very close to being able to mountain bike as a family. When you have kids, people assume that you have to give things up, and it’s true, but not like you’d think. I have added so many things, that I don’t have time to miss the stuff I don’t do much anymore, like mountain bike. After ...

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20/20 Posts of the Week- Dark Ages Edition

It was an interesting week here as our internet went down on Tuesday and was down for over 24 hours. The outage affected the entire area. I tried the library and even McDonald’s without luck. Speedy technical repair is not a perk of living in a small town. Even after everyone was back online, our house was not. After two hours on the phone with technical support, (They actually suggested that I check their website for troubleshooting tips) we got it up and running again. I have to give a big shout out to my good friend John at Frugal Rules. He might rant and rave sometimes, but he really helped me out with some scheduling stuff that I needed to do before the internet came back. Without the web and no TV, I read a little and went to bed at 9:00. A good eight hours of sleep does a body good. In other news, the weather is fantastic right now. We got to do the Petroglyph Point hike in Mesa Verde National Park last weekend, and we have a camping trip coming up at the end of next week. I’m determined to squeeze every moment I can out ...

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