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4 Employment Tasks Worth Outsourcing

Small businesses have to leverage every asset they have to move quickly from the conceptualizing stage into a sustainable business model. We know that the number of people employed by startup firms has risen dramatically since 2010, and more and more people are interested in working with small businesses to help facilitate growth. Those helping hands can be a great asset, but when every second counts, overhead and payroll costs can crush productivity and make it more difficult to produce those minimum viable products needed in today’s market. There are several tasks that founders and management need to ensure are passed off to the right people, and the right people for the job may not always be in the office building. If you’re trying to keep focused on the task at hand, consider these four employment tasks worth outsourcing. 1. Marketing Unless your business is specifically in the marketing field, hiring extra marketers and managers can be a big cost. If you’re not already familiar with the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, you might find your night and weekends devoted to an aspect of business you never considered. Marketing firms can take the burden off of you and make sure your ...

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5 Tips to Stop Your Small Business from Hemorrhaging Money

If you are a small business owner, you have probably heard that it is not uncommon for your business to operate at a loss. This is not ideal, however, and you probably feel like you can do better. But how? Follow these tips to stop your small business from hemorrhaging money. Leverage Social Media Image from Flickr by jillianj3 If it seems that more business is conducted online these days than off, that’s probably because it is. When someone is looking for a product or looking to hire a service, they often turn to the internet. So, if your small business doesn’t have an online and social media presence, you are missing out. Building a social media presence, however, is about more than merely creating a page. You have to also post regularly and engage meaningfully with your followers and customers. Running a small business has always been about customer relationships, but now many of those relationships have moved online, so that is where you need to be. Use Traditional Advertising While social media will help you to get the word out about your product or service, it can’t do everything. Paid advertising — whether it is online, in your ...

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Don’t Let Your Online Dream Turn into a Financial Nightmare

In an age where anyone can become “insta-famous” or a YouTube millionaire, making a mint online is easier than ever. Of course, we can’t all jump into cyberspace and start raking in dollars but the opportunities are undoubtedly there for the entrepreneurial millennial. In fact, the research out there suggests that the trend for people making a name for themselves online is influencing the public at large. According to a study carried out by America’s Small Business Development Centers (America’s SBDC), 49% of millennials said they intend to start their own business within the next three years. In support of this newfound entrepreneurial spirit, more than 50% of millennials surveyed said they would quit their jobs and start out on their own with the right resources. Given that the internet is one such tool, it’s little wonder that more people are now looking to make their fortune online. Security Slips Can Cost Any Startup However, while the internet has made it seem as though creating and maintaining a boutique business is easy, there are a number of dangers people miss. Despite newspapers and media sites being filled with tales of data breaches, hacks and viruses, too many budding entrepreneurs fail to ...

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Why Your Business Should Invest in Digital Marketing

Although banner ads and hashtags are helpful in building brand interest, there is far more to digital marketing than deploying those tools. Successful marketing campaigns require strategic plans backed by market research and competition research. Investing in digital marketing means getting the most return on your investment by reaching target audiences with precision. Data-based Marketing Personalized marketing relies on digital delivery. Whether a potential customer is streaming a movie, binging their favorite show or visiting their usual news website, that customer is seeing ads that are targeted specifically at them. Experienced online marketing agency professionals achieve this precise delivery by sifting through layers of data to better understand customer behaviors and digital trends within each platform. They also find out which items the customer tends to click on or otherwise engage. Understanding a target customer’s digital preferences and online habits helps marketers develop a campaign that will meet the customer as they travel their usual digital landscape. Budget-Conscious Investment Unlike other forms of marketing, ones that cast a wide net, data-based marketing is targeted and precise. Investing in this kind of marketing is a budget-conscious decision. Not only does data assist in finding the right potential customer at the right ...

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What Spending Is Being Done To Advertise To You On Online

When companies or venues are making arrangements to run an event, it brings a feeling like one is sprinting a marathon. Months or weeks before making the event known to people, the organizing team already begins conceptualizing the event marketing, booking the venues, procuring sound system, creating décor materials, preparing tickets and their mode of selling and so on. All these prove that preparing and organizing to run an event make a ton of work. Checking the entire logistical boxes before the day of the event is the challenging part of it all. Promoting the event to make people aware and get the intended guests to sign up is tedious, thus if one can’t manage to create a buzz to the public then chances of most people showing up to fill the seats become minimal. You should not be worried anymore, as the modern world of technology has plenty to offer you and make everything run smoothly. For starters, whether it’s popular music shows in San Diego or classical opera in Philadelphia, an engaging website or webpage is essential. Customers want an easy to navigate virtual realm showcasing upcoming events and how to get access, simple as that. Creating a ...

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