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10 Dress Shopping Tips Every Girl Must Know

Are you going to update your wardrobe? If yes, then it is time to know about 10 best shopping tips that help you take your wardrobe to the next level. 1. Go With a Friend Two minds are better than one when it comes to selecting dress for yourself. It happens many times that a girl get confuse what to get, so a friend can help you. 2. Don’t Buy When You Are Hungry If you are hungry then you should never buy a dress. It is psychologically tested that many people select wrong item in this situation. So, eat something and then go for shopping. 3. Don’t Speed Shop Never buy in hurry. Stay calm. Try to browse different items and shop before you decide what is the best for you. 4. Try Before You Buy If you like something then it is good to try first before you make a purchase. A dress looks different on different girls, it is a fact. Try a dress, look into mirror and decide. 5. Don’t Hate Your Figure If a dress doesn’t fit you well, then you don’t need to be frustrated. If you stress then you might take wrong decision. ...

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Five Things That Are Cheaper to Buy in Fall

things on sale this fall

If Labor Day is the official end of the summer season, that means fall is just around the corner. It’s hard to believe we are closing in on the last part of the year, but I do enjoy fall better than any season. Changing seasons can also be a great time to take advantage of discounts, especially on these five things that are cheaper to buy in fall. Landscaping Tools and Plants Fall is a great time for landscaping, even better than spring in some areas of the country. Plant roots grow anytime the soil temperature is above 40 degrees, so even after frost, roots continue to take hold. By fall, weeds have gone dormant and won’t be in competition with new plants or trees. The other great thing about fall landscaping is that garden centers and nursery prices are at rock bottom. The selection might not be as robust as in spring, but what they do have will be deeply discounted. We recently picked up four new rose bushes at $6 each plus bags of mulch at $3 a piece. With my free DIY gardening skills, I gave the front yard a much needed makeover for under $50. Fall ...

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How Much a Healthy Family Spends on Medical Care in a Year

medical costs for a family

The cost of the health care in the United States is a hot button topic to say the least. People seem to either love/hate Obamacare depending on whether the program actually helped make insurance more affordable or added to the already substantial burden of trying to insure a family and pay medical bills. Since I am lucky enough to have a pretty healthy family and I track all of our spending religiously, I thought it might be interesting to see how much a healthy family spends on medical care in a year. We Have Insurance While it might be cheaper to take the penalty for not being insured, we think it’s really important to have health coverage. Fortunately, Jim has really good insurance that is paid by his employer. Unfortunately, it costs $800 a month to add a family, so the kiddo and I have a grandfathered Anthem HSA plan that costs $261 a month. Jim only has to pay a $30 copay for doctor visits and anywhere from $5 to$40 copays on prescription medicines. The Anthem plan has a $10,000 deductible, so other than covered preventative services, we pay out of pocket if my daughter or myself have medical ...

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Kaiku Prepaid Visa Debit Card Review

using a prepaid debit card instead of a bank account

Are we coming to a time when there is no need for traditional bank accounts? The creators of Kaiku are certainly encouraging that trend with their new prepaid Visa debit card. The card is targeted toward millennials (ages 18-34), but there is no law that says older folks won’t get some use out of this type account. Here is my review of the Kaiku Prepaid Visa Debit Card. What Is Kaiku? Kaiku is a prepaid Visa debit card that can be used any place Visa is accepted. The Kaiku card comes in several trendy colors like Shark Bite Teal or Ninja Black and is meant to be a simple, fast way to manage money for those on the go who don’t want tons of rules and red tape. Money can be loaded to the card by using their online site or through direct deposit of paychecks. Cash can be added to the card with Redilink or MoneyGram at any location that offers those services.  If you work for an employer who still uses paper checks, there is a handy mobile app that allows deposits by taking a picture of the check. When in need of cash, the Kaiku card can ...

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What Are Experiences Worth?

NCAA tournament experience costs

March is a fun time to be from Kentucky. For 10 months of the year, we don’t have tons of things to be proud of. Then spring rolls around, and we have the NCAA tournament and the Kentucky Derby. Too bad it’s all over within a a few months, but those are a couple of pretty big events that people pay tons of money to attend. I’ve also seen fans pony up a mint to see their favorite band or sports team in action. I’ve often said that I’d rather spend money on experiences instead of things, but what are experiences worth? A Whole Industry Built On Luxury and Convenience When I was younger, there were no companies reselling tickets online. If you weren’t able to buy a ticket by standing in line before they sold out, you had to make a shady deal in cash, on a corner, wondering if you’d make it back to the car without getting mugged. Not that I’ve had personal experience or anything…… Today, companies like Stubhub generate upwards of $700 million in revenue per year. What that means to consumers is that you can buy a ticket in any section to just about ...

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