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4 Smart Money Moves That Never Worked For Me

finding your own way to manage money

For those seeking great money management skills, there are several tried and true methods that seem to work. Whether struggling to pay off debt, saving for a big expense, or building wealth, following the successful ways of thousands of people has to equal success, right? Maybe, but here are four smart money moves that never worked for me. Cash Envelope System The cash envelope system is pretty simple. Take the amount of money you have to spend in a month and divvy it up into envelopes marked for specific purposes: $400 for groceries, $100 for gas, $25 for household supplies, etc. Once the envelope is empty, you’re done spending for the month. This method is great for people who tend to overspend. I would certainly be mindful of what goes in my shopping cart if there was a chance I wouldn’t have enough to cover the final tally. I certainly used to overspend, but using cash probably wouldn’t have helped. One, if I do have cash, it’s been known to go missing. Whether it gets dropped from my hot mess of a wallet or whether I spend it on something I can’t remember, giving me cash is almost as bad ...

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