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Should You Support a Lazy Kid?

Lazy Teenager

As a parent, I try really hard to never judge other parents because I hate when people tell me what I should or shouldn’t be doing to raise a child. You never know someone else’s personal situation, so it’s best never to make assumptions about how awesome or poor parenting skills might be. However, I can’t help but notice a seemingly alarming number of teens or young adults recently that really have no goals and pretty much do nothing, relying on Mom and Dad to support them long after Mom and Dad should be enjoying an empty nest. My daughter is only six, so I’ve got a few years, but I’m already wondering how does a kid end up with no motivation? How far should parents go to support their children when the kid puts forth no effort of their own? Lazy Kids I have a neat job where I get to see many families annually over the course of several years. In a small town, you kind of get to know people and what their kids are involved with and hope to become. Sometimes, though it’s disappointing. A few months ago, I had a teenager who came in with ...

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