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Fevered Observations

Lady with a coldI’ve spent the past 72 hours on the couch with a fever over 100 degrees with what I can only guess is the flu, even though I was a goody two shoes and got my flu shot. I’m feeling much better but still can’t seem to put several coherent thoughts together, so we’ll skip personal finance today and look at some weird observations that seem to only happen when  you’re sick.

-Little things seem so hard. I really, really wanted ice water when I was sick, but somehow putting both water and ice in the glass was just too hard. Luckily, Jim rescued me with a continuous supply of ice water. Reason enough to get married!

-You get upset really easily. When my jacket zipper got stuck, it almost sent me into meltdown mode until I realized that I could take it off like a shirt.

-Food is weird. Why do saltine crackers and orange sherbet only seem appealing when you’re sick?

-You want to eat crap when your appetite comes back. My appetite came back yesterday, and all I could think about were Hot Pockets and Sonic cheeseburgers. Maybe sherbet messes with your pallet?

-You’re kids get more needy. Normally, our daughter can get up and dressed with no problem, but when I was down, she needed help with everything.

-Personal hygiene is sooo difficult. I had to go in to work for a couple of hours on Monday.  I tried really hard to look presentable, but I would say it was meh at best.

-You know you’re getting better when you look around and notice what a pigstye your house has become while you were out, and you now feel the urge to clean and disinfect every inch of it.

I hope you all have an illness free winter. I’ll be taking my vitamins from here on out!

What odd things do you notice when you’re sick?

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About Kim Parr

Kim Parr is a private practice optometrist, freelance writer, and personal financial blogger. You can follow her journey to 20/20 financial vision at Eyes on the Dollar.


  1. Personally the thing I notice most is that I get really grouchy just before getting ill. I walk around under a black cloud; I’m short tempered, all those “little niggles” really get to me and everything seems worse than it normally does. The funny thing is this normally happens for 2-3 days *before* I start showing any symptoms.

    So I’m wondering around at work or home, thinking how bad everything is, then suddenly wake up poorly the next day and realize that I’ve been tricked once again! Things aren’t so bad! It was my immune system going crazy! Actually, life is pretty good! Why do I never see this coming?

    Somehow that makes my sickness more bearable because the “black mood” lifts as soon as I actually show symptoms – which oddly puts me in a good mood just as I’m starting to cough, sneeze and snuffle 😉

  2. Hope you could get well soon! Being sick is really a pain in the a**. Having a good and long sleep sometimes make me feel better immediately whenever I feel sick.

  3. Oh no! So sorry to hear that you were under the weather. 🙁 That is absolutely no fun! I know what you mean about the disinfecting the house thing – what’s up with that?

  4. Feel better, Kim! I actually find it very difficult to sleep when I’m sick because I always have the strangest dreams. They are always super vivid and usually not that pleasant. Very true about wanting certain foods only when you’re sick.

    • I have had to take cold medicine to sleep and it give me crazy dreams. Usually I’m in some sort of car or vehicle and I can’t slow down or stop. Not sure what that means.

  5. Hot pockets, lol. Does that count as real food?
    I am scared of the flu shot so I never get it. I haven’t gotten the flu yet and I’m crossing my fingers about that one! I don’t usually get it but I’m probably due.

  6. Yuck…no fun! When I get sick I’m usually isolated in the bedroom from the rest of the family. I find I miss my kids and it feels better than normal to give them a hug when I get better.

    • I was certainly keeping myself to one room and coming into contact as little as possible. I do feel like I missed out and can’t wait to do something fun this weekend.

  7. Oh no! I’m sorry you’re sick, but happy to hear that you’re getting better. I didn’t get a flu shot this winter, so I hope I don’t catch anything. I’ve just been battling a cold and what I noticed is that I sound the worst when I’m feeling better — I’ll lose my voice after my sore throat gets better!

    • That is exactly where I’m at now. When I talk people are saying, “Oh, you sound awful,” and I’m telling them I feel great!

  8. LOL with the exception of the kids part I can totally relate! I’m sorry you’re sick though…seems it’s been a rough winter for a lot of people. I’m fighting what I think might be a second minor cold, so I’m taking Zycam. I might have to take it up till the day of the 1/2 then just let go and whatever happens after happen. 🙂 PS I don’t think ANYONE buys saltine crackers unless they are sick…then I could eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  9. My wife likes to call it the man cold when I get one. For some reason, men get whiny and very pathetic. There was even a youtube video about it. It is hilarious. I just don’t want to do anything and never can find something that I want to eat. Sorry to hear about the sickness Kim.

    • Not being sexist, but men and women are very different when sick. Jim can go to bet, shut the door, and block out the world. Me, I still feel the need to fix breakfast and get the kiddo ready for school and make sure everyone else is fed and taken care of and it makes me angry that I have to do that when I’m sick and can’t just let it go. I believe it must be genetic.

  10. I hope you feel better! At my job, I didn’t sound sick but was super achey and had a 103 fever on a Friday. I emailed my boss and I don’t think he necessarily believed I was sick. Next time, I’ll take a picture of my thermometer! All I did that day was sleep off my high fever and I barely ate. I run high fevers when sick (my mom calmed me down by that fun fact) but it’s still no fun. Hope you enjoy your Sonic Burger when it all is better. 🙂

  11. I feel your pain! I was sick over the holidays. Actually, I was sick for close to sick weeks, but no fever. I was slowed down, but I managed to do everything I want ed or had to do. I even went bicycling, movies, parties etc. I was not contagious, but I did not feel very good despite getting a flu shot.

  12. I’m having second thoughts about the flu shot. I got mine and I’ve been sick all week- just in time for the height of audition season. It’s incredibly frustrating when your ability to get work hinges on your health.

  13. Glad you’re feeling better! I was sick last week and all I could think about was getting my hands on a smoothie from Jamba Juice. Being sick sucks, especially when you work from home and you actually try and work when you should be in bed.

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