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Why Everyone Needs a Bucket

    Everyone is in for a real treat today as I’m going to talk about my favorite household helper. No, it isn’t a fancy vacuum, food processor, or oven that I can turn on remotely from my driveway. It isn’t an item that I had to save money for months to purchase. It’s my trusty two gallon bucket. How can you write a whole post about a bucket? Sit back, and I’ll tell you how useful an old plastic bucket can be. You might wonder why I didn’t write about it sooner. History of the Bucket I honestly can’t remember when or where my bucket came from. I suspect it was one of those items we purchased after buying our first home thirteen years ago. However, it could have made the transition from tenant to homeowner with me. You can get buckets in a wide variety of price ranges, like this one for $741, but I’m sure mine was less than $5. How My Bucket Helps Me I use my bucket almost daily. It helps me around the house with everything from mopping the floor to cleaning off toys to soaking dirty clothes. The bucket was with me every ...

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