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Memorial Day Traditions

happy memorial day

Happy Memorial Day to my US readers. Happy Monday to everyone else. It’s funny how Memorial Day means different things to different people. I think we all agree that this holiday was meant as a remembrance of those who have given their lives to defend our country, but in the South where I grew up, Memorial Day was a time when you also visit the cemetery to put new flowers and trinkets by the tombstones of loved ones who have passed on. Memorial Day traditions are very different in different places. I used to love Memorial Day as a kid because cemeteries are great places to explore and learn history. It wasn’t really a sad time at all. I can remember catching caterpillars and putting them in a jar. I’m not sure why graveyards are prime places for them, but it was caterpillar central. In Kentucky, your wedding and your death were the two big occasions to plan for. Funerals and all the rituals that go with them are huge and often social events. I can remember getting to the funeral home early to get good seats for some of the more prominent community members. My Mom bought grave plots ...

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