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Preventing Fires in Your Home

fire safety at home

What strikes fear into the heart of a commercial landlord? A tenant who doesn’t pay? Vandals? No, it’s an unannounced visit from the fire marshal! Since the building is older, I was worried he might label it a fire hazard and make us evacuate immediately. Luckily, we only got dinged for two minor things. The whole experience did get me thinking about fire safety and our own home. Call me Smokey Bear, but I think there are probably some things we can all improve on as far as preventing fires at home, and no, because you don’t cook much does not mean you can’t have a fire! Check Your Smoke Alarms Years ago, the unwritten rule was to change your smoke alarm batteries when daylight savings began and ended. What if you live in Indiana or Arizona where they don’t do daylight savings? What about now that there is much more time on longer daylight months? I also recently noticed a we took down because it was beeping and we didn’t have an extra battery. Don’t forget to put them back up! Smoke detectors work great, but not if they don’t have batteries and are stuck in a drawer. Get ...

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