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Do I Have What It Takes To Be a Big Time Credit Card Churner?

Vacations are my absolute favorite way to spend my money. If I had to choose between fabulous clothes every season, a new car, or a vacation every year, I’d pick the vacation hands down. Vacations are even better when you can get them for free or almost free. After getting most of our summer vacation paid for by credit card rewards, I’m pretty opposed to spending money from my own pocket if I can continue to get travel for free, but man, sometimes it takes work to be a big time credit card churner. I’m not sure if I have what it takes. Chase Ink Business Card I recently applied for the Chase Ink Bold charge card for Eyes on the Dollar. This card is for businesses, and I thought I would see if my humble blog could qualify for it’s own card. I refuse to lie and make up a business, although I know lots of people probably do this to get specific reward cards. I’m not entirely sure that the credit card companies mind, but  I am a by the rules girl, so I can’t lie. I did get approved, probably more because of my credit score than ...

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