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Don’t Insure Your Desert Life Against Rain Forest Hazards

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Be sure to wear your snow boots in Miami. Slather on the sunscreen in June. And remember to pack your surfboard for a trip to Kansas City. Sound silly? Of course it does. As consumers, we know that we don’t waste money on things we have no chance of using. The unique characteristics of different locales throughout the US are well-known by both natives and visitors, so it’s rare that anyone is so irrational in buying goods that they’d stock up on those products in those places. Yet the insurance industry seems to mysteriously escape this kind of thought process for some buyers. They over-insure against the unlikely, under-insure against the probably, and over-pay for the whole thing. Considering the number of people who are looking at overspending of all types, there’s plenty of energy to invest in cutting back on wasteful insurance purchases. Choosing A Large Insurer Without Local Knowledge Thanks to the dramatic growth of nationwide insurance carriers, many policies are, at best, pooling customers’ risk with others who have dissimilar perils or, at worst, insuring those customers for things as ludicrous as a Kansas City hurricane. The problem emerges when a potential customer calls an 800 number or ...

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