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Make Christmas Shopping Affordable, Starting Now

This post is from regular contributor, Kyle James. He has some great tips on saving money on holiday shopping! I remember it like it was yesterday, driving around in the pouring rain looking for a place to park at the mall. It was December 23rd, and like the young fool that I was, I hadn’t done any of my Christmas shopping and was forced to brave the elements. The elements being the weather, the cranky sales people who wanted to go home, the long lines filled with kids who wouldn’t stop whining about wanting a Snickers, and of course the “full retail” price tags. I knew then there had to be a better way and over the years I have developed a more stress-free and cheaper strategy for doing my holiday shopping. Here are my seven favorites tips. 1. Make A List and Budget This is obviously the first place to start your Christmas gift buying. Write down everyone you are planning on buying for and set a budget you are comfortable with for each person. This is going to be your go-to piece of paper to make sure you don’t end up with a surprise credit card bill in ...

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