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A Long Term Investment Plan for Future Retirees

This is Troy’s second post here at Eyes on the Dollar. Feel free to check out his first one here. When I started writing this post, I originally had the intention of creating a step by step plan for future retirees. I had it all laid out - how much money you need to retire, what kind of investment returns you need to achieve your goals, and how much money you need to set aside each year. However, after writing a third of the post, I decided to scrap the whole thing and start anew. Why? Because there is no one-size-fits-all plan. Some people experience two mega-recessions in their lifetime that wipe out 50% of their networth, while others don’t. Some people will lose their jobs and others won’t. Every person is different. We all make different amounts of money, we all live different lifestyles (from a financial perspective), and our preferred investment methods are all different. As a result, any step by step long term investment plan is useless, because very few people will fit the mold! Instead, I’ve decided to create a post that details how to maximize your future retirement. What are the best ways to ensure ...

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