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How to Save Big on Medications

how to save money on prescription medication

The cost of medications can be overwhelming, especially when you have to endure high out-of-pocket expenses. When you don’t have sufficient health insurance to cover your medications, then you’re going to need to become a savvy shopper. Below, you will find a couple of tips that can help you save big on prescription medications. Ask for Generic Prescription Drugs You don’t have to use name brand prescriptions in order to get the same benefits for your health. Instead, you can opt for generic brands that have a similar chemical makeup. You’ll find that about 80 percent of name brand drugs that have been approved by the FDA have generic alternatives that you can use and they typically cost ¼ of the price of name brands. The next time you go to your doctor, ask him or her if there are generic options that you can use that are more affordable. Split Your Higher-Dose Pills The price of an 80 mg pill is usually the same cost of a 40 mg pill. With this fact, you can purchase higher-dose pills and just split them to fit your dose (or just take one instead of two if the dose is double). Before ...

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