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Dangers of Instant Gratification

danger of instant gratification

We are spending the weekend in Moab, UT, so I’m turning the reigns over to our dog, Mo, today. Since she did an interview with Frugal Hound a while back, she’s kind of gotten a big head and has been wanting to share her canine wisdom about the dangers of instant gratification.  Hi Eyes on the Dollar readers, it’s Mo here, actually it’s Mahogany, but Mom can’t yell that fast enough, so I’m just Mo. Mom talks all the time about being smart with money and thinking through every purchase, but I’m here to tell you, that way of thinking works for more than just money. Since I have no living expenses, money really doesn’t mean that much to me, but there are other things people and pets need to consider. Life of  Country Dog Let me start by telling you a bit about where I live. It’s so fun to be a country dog. I have lots more freedom than city dogs because I have a big yard to run around in, and I even get to walk off the lease if we are out in the boonies. Sometimes I run across very sweet smelling stuff, and while I ...

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