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Practical Ways to Overcome Credit Hurdles

Good credit/bad credit

Life situations factor into your credit issues. A divorce, illness or death can impact your ability to make monthly payments. If you default on your bills and your accounts become 30 days past due, creditors will report the lateness to the credit bureaus. Once this information hits your credit file, your scores will drop. These events are unfortunate and often beyond your control. But these are not the only causes of credit issues. Sometimes, the underlying cause is preventable. For example, living above your means may result in relying on credit cards to get by each month. If you have a shopping problem, you may use credit cards to buy things you don’t need when cash is unavailable. And if you’re bad at organizing your finances, you may forget about due dates or misplace bills, which also triggers lateness. Credit is nothing to play with, as your history and score can determine whether you get a mortgage loan, an auto loan or qualify for other types of financing. For this matter, you need to take your credit seriously. While you’ve probably heard this kind of advice before, it’s seriously enough that it bears repeating: there are simple ways to fix ...

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