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Life in Colorado After One Year of Legal Marijuana

legal marijuana sales in Colorado

    January marked year one since pot became legal for recreational sale in my home state. I though it might be interesting to see what changes, if any, have befallen our area. This is my eye witness report of life in Colorado after one year of legal marijuana. Marijuana Tax Bonanza! The tax figures are in regarding state money made from marijuana sales last year. Sales from legal recreational and medical marijuana amounted to $700 million last year. Recreational sales were below some estimates but still brought in $44 million in tax revenue. Medical marijuana sales and fees brought in an additional $35 million, bringing total pot tax revenue to $76 million. Marijuana made so much money that the state might have to give some back. Here in Colorado, we have what’s known as the TABOR amendment. It’s highly controversial, but basically says that any time tax revenue grows faster than the state population or inflation, it has be refunded to tax payers unless voters elect otherwise. You can bet there will be a special election coming up soon. The state doesn’t want their tax money to go up in smoke! In addition to sales tax, I’ve seen other business ...

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