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Keep Investing Simple-5 Tips for Success


  I’m doing a blog swap today with Cash Cow Couple, and I have a guest post at Stapler Confessions. Please enjoy Jacob’s post here and check out the others if you have time! It’s easy to get caught up in the media coverage of the stock market. There are thousands upon thousands of talking heads who like to shout about why the market is up or down, or going to crash. You shouldn’t worry about it, and you should ignore it. Investing should be a simple process. The more complex you try to make it, the more problems you’ll face. Here are 5 tips to keep it simple. 1. Have a Plan If you’ll create an investment plan, you’ve won a big part of the battle. Knowing what you are investing in can help you remove the emotional response that often accompanies big market swings. A plan is far more important than trying to select winning stocks or bonds. 2. Stop Trying to Time the Market Research has shown that short term stock market forecasting is impossible. If someone predicts the movement of the market, it’s pure luck. Stop trying to decide about whether or not stocks will rise ...

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