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It’s Really Time To Save Your Money And Stop Drinking Bottled Water

stop drinking bottled water

If you shun household tap water and instead opt for what you perceive as healthier bottled water, you may not realize that you could be making a less than healthy choice. Not only might the fluid contained by the bottle be questionable; the single-serving recyclable container might be less earth-friendly than you thought. Tap water might not be the tastiest, trendiest beverage in town, but it is inexpensive and safe. When you purify it in your home, it can even be delicious. Municipal water-processing plants must pass rigorous tests to make sure the fluids coming from your kitchen tap are safe to drink. Unfortunately, the manufacturers who produce and ship cases of bottled water to stores around the nation don’t have to divulge some rather important information. They don’t have to tell consumers where the water came from, what contaminants are in it, or how the H2O was processed. Bottled water isn’t cheap, either. A gallon of the liquid costs less than a penny when it comes from your faucet, but it can cost one to five dollars for a 12-ounce bottle in your local store. That’s a huge mark up, especially when you find out that nearly half the ...

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