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Save on Foreign Currency

better rates on foreign money exchange

There’s an aspect relating to money saving that is often overlooked. While there are thousands of resources teaching enthusiastic readers how to financially control each and every aspect of their lives, there are hardly any that deal with the important topic of Foreign Exchange. Foreign Currency and Me People falsely believe that foreign currency education is an overshoot. Even though they are fully committed towards saving in all other areas in their life, they would not bother themselves to learn about a topic which can potentially save them thousands of dollars down the road. Though this number many seem excessive at first, it is within reason (and can reach hundreds of thousands in costs for small business owners, or high net worth individuals). The Brits are known for their passion for exploring the world. With 55% of Brits traveling abroad every summer, and each trip costing, on average, £1,200 (reference), a single Brit could be paying as much as £5,000 just on travel currency commission during his lifetime. Brits and othe Europeans also fancy buying houses abroad as an investment before they retire (reference) costing £120,000 on average. Using a standard bank markup, it means £3,000-£6,000 in fees (not including ...

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