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The Most Exciting Vacation I’ve Ever Taken-$900 Giveaway

I have been on some pretty sweet vacations in my life. However, the most exciting one wasn’t my recent trip to the Pacific Northwest or anything free I’ve gotten with credit card points. It wasn’t my first trip out of the US. It wasn’t my trip to Italy. The most exciting vacation I’ve ever had was the very first one my family ever took when I was in second grade. I remember that vacation like it was yesterday, although it’s kind of funny to think about it from an adult perspective. As I’ve mentioned before, my Mom and Dad don’t travel. My Mom would have spent her whole life never getting on an airplane if I hadn’t moved so far away. They have no use for vacations, but for some reason my Dad came home one day and said we were going to Florida, in a few days! My sister and I were beyond excited. If  you grew up in my hometown in Southern Kentucky, almost everyone who vacationed went to Florida or Myrtle Beach, but I never thought I would get the experience. Being the workaholic that he is, my Dad decided to work one more day. Then, we ...

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