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My $600 Ski Plan

Telluride a few years back. Run is called

    We got a brochure in the mail this week from the Telluride ski resort about early bird discount cards and passes. We’ve kind of avoided Telluride for the past couple of years because it’s just so expensive to ski there, but is one of the nicest places you could ever want to ski, for beginners to double blacks. I”m not a well traveled skiier, but Jim has been all over Colorado, and he says Telluride is the best. Now that our daughter can ski, we are itching to go back. Even with the discounts, it will be around $600 if we go three times. It does sound crazy when you look at it that way, but my feeling is why would we live in a place like this and not take advantage of our surroundings? Anyway, our challenge is to raise the $600 by mid November, outside of our regular income, so that it doesn’t affect our savings or investing goals. We could pull it out of savings, but where is the fun in that? Here is our $600 plan. $150 Ebay and/or consignment sales ($58 this week already!) $250 Yard work/landscaping, Jim $100 Granny money-Yes, my mom ...

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