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How Much Should You Spend On Birthday Presents?

annual spending on birthday gifts

Most of our family birthdays happen from January to March. I could and used to literally go broke trying to buy everyone a present. I think if you’ve always given gifts, people develop the expectation that you’ll continue to do so. As we started to get out of debt, that pretty much cut out gift giving, especially for adults. Now that our finances are in better shape, we could go back to our old ways, but that seems a bit counter productive. Regardless of your financial situation, how much should you spend on birthday presents? Kid Birthday Gifts Our daughter will be turning 8 at the end of this month. We have always given her gifts for her birthday, although none of them have ever been that expensive. I hope she never reads this, but we’ve actually kept back things other relatives sent for Christmas and gave them to her for her birthday. Our kid is funny. I credit part of it to not having regular TV. She never sees commercials and has no idea about many of the popular toys out right now. She asks for art supplies, a kite, ear muffs, some very odd things. This year, she ...

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