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Are you Setting a Bad Financial Example for Your Kids? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

making smart financial decisions for your children

    Most parents hope to impart a certain level of financial intelligence to their children. It is one of the most valuable life skills you can pass on to your kids. Telling them is one thing – but what are you showing them? What actions are you modelling? Ask yourself the 5 questions below to work out if you are setting a bad financial example for your kids. You can find more about how to pass on good money habits from organizations like Debt Rescue. Are You Competitive? On the face of it a little competition among peers is a good thing; it motivates you to try harder, be better, achieve your best; but how are you demonstrating your competitive streak to your children? Are you seeing if you can save more this month than last month, or this time last year? Or are you stuck on getting a car that drives your mates wild with envy? See the difference? Do You Have – And Do You Enforce – Financial Boundaries? Saying ‘Yes’ to everything is a habit most adults break out of necessity, but it’s easy to avoid passing this very important message on to your children. Teach ...

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