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Here’s Why You Need a Personal Financial Advisor


I don’t have to explain why you need an accountant for your business. If you are in business for yourself, you already know. Business is tough, and business bookkeeping is tougher. You already know why you need a lawyer to represent you, and a doctor to diagnose and treat you. You need a marketing expert to get your name and product out there. And you need a social media guru because you don’t know the difference between Facebook and Twitter. What people are less certain about is the need for a personal financial advisor. That is something of a mystery to me as financial literacy in the U.S. is dismally poor. According to Money-Rates.com, In a 182-page report released last month, the Securities and Exchange Commission arrives at a stark conclusion: Americans as a group have a weak grasp of financial concepts and lack basic investment knowledge. That is a harsh indictment. We seem to think that handling our own finances is equivalent to mowing our on lawn. Having seen a lot of lawns, we should probably rethink that one as well. If you have enough money to even be having this discussion, here’s why you need a personal financial ...

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