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Cost of Fostering a Dog

cost to foster dogs

If you’re unsure if getting a dog is a good idea or if you don’t have the money to spend on costs of pet care, fostering is a great way to have a dog without all the responsibilities or expenses. However, there are costs, monetary and otherwise, of fostering a dog. Since we’ve had a few fosters over the years and I just picked up a new one  last week, here’s the real stuff you need to know if you are considering being a foster dog parent. Why Did You Get a Foster? You probably know that we are loving family travel at the moment. We just got back from San Diego, my daughter and I are going to Kentucky for Memorial Weekend, our family is heading to Hawaii in a couple of months, and we just planned a trip to Yellowstone National Park for Labor Day, why on earth did I bring home a new dog right now? Well, I think you can see from the picture that this was one I just couldn’t leave behind. I work on a reservation once or twice a week and stray dogs are as common as air. I am usually pretty good ...

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