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My New Obsession, Credit Card Rewards

For almost two years, one of my obsessions was paying off consumer and student loan debt. While that goal seemed practically impossible back then, once we got rolling, it was like an avalanche after a three foot snow storm. Nothing was getting in the way of paying off those debts. While I never tracked anything while we were racking up the bills, I was obsessed with tracking the payoff balance and finding new ways to come up with more money to get out of debt. Now that the last of our student loans were paid off in April, I have nothing left to track. You’d think I would channel that energy into something like studying a new language or leaning how to use code on this blog, but nope, I’ve found a new obsession: credit card reward points and bonus offers. This isn’t a totally new area for me. My business has always had at least one credit card for some of our lab vendors who require one. By default, I earned points every year, which I usually traded for cash back or gift cards. I’ve tended not to apply for new credit cards in the past. For our personal ...

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