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Red or Black? How Ashley Revell Put His House On Red

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In April 2004, a man from Kent in the United Kingdom made what would be for most of us, the ultimate bet. He put everything he had on one spin of a roulette wheel. The man in question was called Ashley Revell. As part of a television mini-series entitled ‘Double or Nothing’ Revell had sold everything he owned to raise £76,840 ($135,300). He then journeyed to the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, and dumped the whole lot on red. If you’re not sure how roulette, a game which can be played online at Full Tilt, works, then here is a quick explanation: Within a large bowl there’s a spinning disk divided into 37 (or 38 in the American version) segments. One (or two in the American version) of these segments is colored green, 18 are colored red and 18 black. There are different bets you can place, but one is ‘Red or Black’. The casino dealer spins the disk, then spins a small ball around the wheel in the opposite direction. The ball will eventually settle in one of the segments. If you bet on red and it comes up red – then you receive back double your ...

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