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How To Get Rid of Old TV Sets

how to get rid of old TV's

While we have been pretty lucky with stuff left behind by our tenants, we recently inherited an old boat anchor of a TV. It still works, but isn’t really useful for the digital age. We did our tried and true technique of leaving it by the curb, which has helped us shed many an unwanted item in the past, but after a month, no takers. After lots of research and a few disappointments, here’s what we’ve learned about how to get rid of old TV sets. Why Can’t I Throw It Away? If you throw away any type of electronics, there is a risk that some of the chemicals used in its components could leak into the ground water supply. Electronics are full of toxic stuff like lead, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic. Yikes! I wouldn’t even want to poison the rats at the dump with that yuckiness. It is also against the law in many states to throw electronics in the trash. Even if you don’t get caught, it’s still wrong, so suck it up and get rid of your junk responsibly. Give It Away If the TV works, you can try to mark it free on Craig’s List or ...

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