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Things To Look For In A Rental Property Manager

tips for managing a rental property

When we decided to get into rental property as part of our investment portfolio, my husband and I were smart enough to know that we didn’t know enough yet to manage properties by ourselves. We both have jobs and family responsibilities that take up most of our time. Having a tenant call at 3 AM about a clogged toilet was not on my list of things I wanted to deal with. It was pretty obvious that we needed a property manager like the ones from Property Management Melbourne. These are some things we looked for in a rental property manager. Ability To Find Tenants Obviously the most important thing about owning a rental property is having tenants. We wanted property management that had good access and experience with the local rental pool and who used various forms of advertising to attract tenants. Having a good website and also posting on sites like Craig’s List were also important. We also liked that our rental property managers were flexible on times they were available to show our rentals to potential tenants. Often this happened after work or on weekends. You hope renters will have a reliable job, and that often means they ...

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