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Is Walmart Really the Bad Guy?

working for peanuts

A recent article from Yahoo Finance listed the 10 companies paying Americans the least in wages. I wasn’t really surprised to see Walmart in the number one slot, followed by McDonalds, Target, Kroger, and Yum! Foods to round out the top five.  All of the top ten except ailing retailer Sears saw profits rise, often dramatically, while wages tend to remain low. The average pay at Wal-Mart is $9/hour for sales associates, while the CEO took home over $20 million. While I am certainly no fan of Wal-Mart, is it really the bad guy media leads us to believe? It’s Easy to Hate the CEO I think we all remember all the golden parachutes that were issued to CEO’s during the crash a few years ago. John at Frugal Rules recently highlighted the growing disparity in wealth distribution in the US. It’s easy to hate those who are raking in the money while everyone else is struggling, but let’s look at the numbers. If Walmart’s CEO took $20 million of his salary and gave it back to the workers who keep Walmart running from day to day, would that be a good solution? There are 1.4 million Walmart workers in the ...

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