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My Life as a Country Song

Well it’s been an interesting week around here. I was really in a complainy pants mood until I read a couple of posts and realized I’m acting like a toddler, and my problems are all first world. Now that I know that my problems are not really problems at all, we can laugh at my obstacles from the past few days. Sunday: I’ve been having little, itchy bumps in odd places, like behind my ear. Am I getting adult acne? Nope, found out my dog has fleas. We don’t usually have to worry about fleas here because of the low humidity, but with all the rain, I guess they are out in full force. After a mad trip on Sunday night for flea shampoo, constant washing and vacuuming, and some flea medicine, I think we got them. I still can’t stand the thought that bugs were crawling on me in my sleep, but I survived. Monday: I love my new site, but one of the plugins keeps turning off and takes all the posts off my homepage. See, when my site was ugly, it was all my design. I researched every plugin and layout for hours. If something when wrong in ...

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