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Are You in the Habit of Wasting Money?

We recently received a bill for our annual post office box rental. We actually have a nice, secure mailbox at our house with a lock and key. All of our important mail comes there. We set up that post office box ten years ago when we were living in a temporary rental while building our house. The only thing that comes to the PO box is junk mail, and for some strange reason, a copy of Ebony magazine every month. Why on earth do we still have this PO box? It’s because of habit. Are there things you do out of habit that waste money? Are You On Autopilot? It’s very convenient to set up automatic payments. It actually saves money because you don’t have to worry about late fees or interest if you forget to pay a bill. However, there might be some things that you need to review and decide you’re getting your money’s worth before auto allowing that payment. Subscriptions-We subscribe to two publications, Money and a mountain biking magazine my husband enjoys (never paid a penny for Ebony). Between the two, they cost $20 per year, which I think is worth it. However, some people (my ...

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