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So Why Haven’t You Cut Cable Yet?

cancelling cable

  We cut the cord on satellite TV over two years ago. It took a long time to get to a place where we were ready to let go, but it’s been nothing but positive. Not only do we save money every month, we choose when and what to watch, resulting in way less TV altogether. Who has time to watch TV when there are side businesses to hustle, rental properties to be found, and family trips to be planned? In fact, TV is one of the biggest time sucks known to man. In years past, I can’t count how many times I’ve turned the TV on for background noise only to find myself four hours later caught up in a Law and Order marathon. I can’t think of one benefit to having cable or satellite TV, and I’m going to shoot down every excuse today and ask why haven’t you cut cable yet? Cutting Cable Does Not Mean No TV At the end of a long day, I like to sit down and watch a show as much as the next person, but you don’t need cable to do that. With all the streaming and on demand options available, ...

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Graduation Gifts I Wish Someone Had Given Me

practical gifts for new graduates

By the end of this month, thousands of students will be graduating from college. While some might go back home to live with Mom and Dad, the majority will be moving into the world of paying rent, utilities, car insurance and all the fun stuff that comes with adulthood. I’m sure there are many college students who had to pay for all their expenses from the time they left home, but many are lucky enough to have parents who supported them by paying things like car maintenance, health insurance, and dental visits. It can be a real eye opener to be totally on your own, having to navigate adult responsibilities. Graduation gifts aren’t going to fund a lifestyle, but they can go a long way toward getting feet wet in the real world. Here are some graduation gifts I wish someone had given me to help ease the transition. Gift Card For Car Maintenance When I was in college, I used my parent’s mechanic when I was home on breaks for things like tire rotations and oil changes. It doesn’t cost a ton of money for routine car maintenance, but it adds up when combined with all the new expenses ...

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