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The Lemonade Stand Review and iPad Mini Giveaway

Lemonade Stand book and iPad giveaway

I am happy today to be reviewing The Lemonade Stand by Shannon Ryan. The Lemonade Stand is a book aimed at children 4-9 years old and it offers a lesson in financial literacy wrapped up in a cute story line. The Lemonade Stand discusses how to save, spend and share and explains how buying what makes your heart happy is much better than instant gratification. The Lemonade Stand is easy to read and has illustrations that would keep children of non-reading age entertained. I really like how the book shows kids how to use income minus expenses from their lemonade sale to determine profit. You’re never too young to be an entrepreneur! Since I have a 7 year old, I though I’d let her share what she learned after reading the book. “Well, if you want something, it’s better to work together and save your money. Like if you want a puppy, you have to save for a long time, but it’s better than just buying little, junky things at the Dollar Store.” If you’d like to get a copy of The Lemonade Stand from The Heavy Purse website, I have a coupon code for $3 off. It’s TOUR3114. Now on ...

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