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An Unexpected Opportunity, What Should I Do?

It seems every Friday I have another question for my wonderful readers. Just to update, over the last couple of week you’ve helped me decide what to do with a windfall (It’s in the vacation fund for now, but part will go into stocks when there is a market correction) and helped me decide that good service is the most important thing with my phone, although I’m still not sure whether I need a smart phone or not. This week, I have been presented with an unexpected opportunity, a new job offer. As you may already know, I have transitioned from being a workaholic business owner/optometrist to a part time optometrist who works at three different places; two private offices and for an Indian Health Service clinic. I am averaging about three days a week currently. A few weeks ago, an optometrist called me out of the blue and offered a part time position with a large referral center just across the border in New Mexico. She got my name from a colleague who works full time for Indian Health. It is a small community, and if you have the training and personality to work with that population, it opens ...

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