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Maybe We Should All Move To North Dakota

moving to North Dakota for high paying jobs

I’m fascinated by the oil boom currently going on in parts of North Dakota. I really shouldn’t be surprised by boom and bust cycles. Most of Southwest Colorado was settled by miners looking to strike it rich in one way or another. I know maybe 10 or 12 people who have taken off to North Dakota for high paying jobs, and I admire that to some extent. I think we all want to make life easier and more manageable from a financial aspect, and these folks have taken the bull by the horns. If anyone is out of work right now, maybe they should move to North Dakota. What’s Happening in North Dakota? In case you’ve been living under a rock or just don’t pay much attention to the western states, there is a collection of things that are happening in North Dakota right now that give it the lowest unemployment rate in the country. A discovery of massive shale oil fields, new drilling and fracking techniques that make it possible to extract this oil, and our country’s attempts at lessening dependence on foreign oil have all mingled together to create an economic boom not seen in many years. You ...

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