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Over 40 With No Retirement Savings? Here’s What To Do

working through retirement

I’ve been paying attention to retirement savings for a few years now since getting out of debt. I’ve always contributed something to my retirement account, just not very much at times. Now that I’m in the 40 and over club, I really study people and their finances. You’d be amazed how much people share with their eye doctor! I’ve learned lots from people who’ve done well and from people who are behind in one way or another. One thing I do see way too often is that there are lots of people over 40 who have no retirement savings to speak of. Either they never saved spent it on a big expense. Regardless it’s a scary place to be. If you’re over 40 with no retirement savings, this is what I’d recommend. Please remember I’m not a financial professional, just someone who studies ways to retire with a passion because I want to be there someday sooner rather than later. Don’t Panic Well, I want you to panic a little. If you’re over 40 and have nothing saved and there is no sort of a pension coming your way, it might not be a fun retirement. Working 35+ years to live ...

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